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Launched in 2016, the Performer series is optimal for grocery stores, delis, and butchers.  The versatile, and modern design can effortlessly accommodate meat, cheese, deli products, frozen products, frozen desserts, hot and bain marie products, as well as self-service and grab-n-go.

The Performer series features a steep, vertical front glass, sharp angles, and a distinctive low glass line.  With a uniquely high load limit, the Performer series allows the beautiful display, and proper storage of larger items, such as meats and cheeses.  This series easily accommodates the unique humidity needs of meat display.  The refrigeration system maintains the right temperature, and relative humidity.

The high loading level allows even large products, such as an entire ham, to be properly displayed and refrigerated.  Proper temperature is held, even at these higher dimensions.  Bain-Marie displays are composed of stainless steel tanks, each one with its own control to set temperature and water level.  The self-service version features a low front, double glazed glass.

The Performer series is designed to be energy efficient, and ergonomically sound.  Front glass and display surface are piston assisted to facilitate access and cleaning, as well as a built-in water spray.  The entire glass structure is double glazed, and the tank is insulated with ecological polyurethane to maximize energy saving, and guarantee high performance.

A timeless, cutting edge showcase, available in 3 sizes, as well as a corner display unit, and a self-service unit.

Performer Display case: Advantages

  • LED Lighting
  • Piston assisted opening front glass
  • Digital control panel
  • Auto electric defrost-refrigerated
  • Auto reverse defrost-low temp
  • Special temperature and humidity controls for meat display


Performer Bain Marie Warm Display Case Spec Sheet

Performer Frozen Display Case Spec Sheet

Performer Meat & Deli Display Case Spec Sheet